For all your PEAK 15 needs (outside of contract/billing questions), please submit a ticket to our Support Portal. Our business hours are 8:30am - 5:30pm PST (US Pacific Time). If you have an urgent issue that needs our immediate attention outside of those hours, please follow our after hours procedure here:

Prior to submitting a ticket, please be sure to check our Online Help resource, found by clicking the question mark in the top right corner of your PEAK 15 account, or by going to

If you still have questions, please provide the following information when submitting a ticket so that our Support team can assist you more quickly:

  1. Subject = A brief description of your question or issue
    • IE: How to Transfer a Payment OR Update to Booking Report
    • If you are asking about a certain report, include the report name. If it’s about a workflow, describe which workflow (include the workflow name, if possible). 
    • Maintain one subject per ticket (for instance, if you submit a ticket for a new user, please do not ask for a workflow update in the same ticket – submit a new ticket for the second topic).
  2. Details about your questions or issues
    • If an error is occurring, provide an example record where you are seeing the issue
    • Include screenshots or video if possible, or any steps taken prior to a particular error occurring. 
    • If requesting training or advice on a particular topic, include details regarding your business practices and what you are trying to accomplish (training is billable).
    • If regarding web integration, include information from your web developer, such as the API call used. You can Cc: your developer on the ticket if needed.
  3. If something is billable, you have the option to pre-approve time to expedite work.
    1. For example, if you want custom fields created, pre-approve 30 minutes or 1 hour. For an explanation of what requests are billable, please refer to the following article: An Overview of Billable Items
  4. Set the priority based on the following criteria for general help requests:
    • Urgent– Work stoppage issue. Unable to access the system, or something is affecting your customers’ experience with booking or payment.
      • Expected resolution of 1 business day 
    • High– Not work stoppage but disruptive of the system experience. 
      • Expected resolution of 3 business days or less
    • Medium– Things that should be prioritized over less urgent issues. Helpful to indicate a priority when having multiple tickets that one should be worked on above another  
      • Expected resolution of 7 business days or less
    • Low – General questions. Work that should be done as soon as possible but not pressing. Large workflow projects.
      • Expected resolution within 10 business days (depending on the size of the project)

NOTE: Resolution times are based on comprehensive requests - if changes, additions, or further discussion are             needed at a later time, these times may vary. We aim to resolve your tickets in a timely manner but the size of the request and our overall ticket volume may result in varied resolution times.

5. If the issue is regarding a closed ticket, please create a new ticket, but include the ticket number of the closed ticket for reference.

Note: For new user requests, please include the user’s full name, email address, and what permissions the user should have (providing an existing user to copy permissions is the easiest method).

For disabling a user, please provide the username and if you would like us to reassign that user’s records to a current user. This process is needed if you have workflows referencing the owner of a record, as the workflows will fail if the record is owned by an inactive user.

For information about how to submit report requests or updates, click here: