To keep informed quickly of system announcements, please follow these steps to set your preferences in the Announcements area of the Freshdesk Forum

This puts you in control of getting system announcements as they are posted, and also the ability to follow each of them to see the updates that are important to you by topic.


Sign into Fresdesk


Select Forums



Select Announcements




Select Follow (this will notify you when any new Announcements are made to this area)


To be notified of individual announcement topics when they are updated be sure to open the announcement and also select Follow there.

This puts you in control of the topic updates that are important to you.

When you select Follow, the button will change to Following. You can always select it again to turn off any new notifications.

Please note that just because you follow the announcements area does not mean all topics are set to follow. You must open each of them to set that preference.