Each user that will be sending out emails from PEAK 15 will need to have their mailbox configured. These steps are for users that need email credentialing at a user level. The credentials used in your PEAK 15 mailbox should always match your email credentials. If your email password changes you will also need to update this in PEAK 15 for the synchronization of emails to not be interrupted.

If you are unable to access your PEAK 15 mailbox please have your Administrator contact Support. 

  • Go to settings 
  • Select options
  • Select the Email tab
  • Select Allow other Microsoft Dynamics 365 users to send emails on your behalf. 
  • Select View your Mailbox

  • Select Yes to allow to Use Credentials for Email Processing 
  • Enter your Office 365/Gmail credentials 
  • Select Save 
  • Select Test & Enable Mailbox (After a few minutes the Incoming Email Status and Outgoing Email Status should show “Success”)

Contact Support if Statuses continue to result in Failure for Incoming and Outgoing.