Peak 15 can be integrated with most modern Email providers. This integration allows you to send emails directly through Peak 15 without having to navigate out of the system to your inbox. So, when you send an email and a reply comes in from a customer, the integration recognizes that email address and a copy of that email can be appended to certain records inside of Peak 15 alongside the outgoing email you sent.

Peak 15 does not become your email system. We connect to your email system so that all emails you send from Peak 15 are being sent from your email system and go through your email server. This is important, because otherwise, the email may get flagged as spam if it came through as Peak 15 Systems.

Email = Activity in Peak 15

One of the CRM aspects that our customers love is being able to link emails to individual Contacts, Bookings, Guests, and other records. Emails are a “type” of Activity in Peak 15.  All records have associated activities used to keep track of customer communications.

Below are the instructions that you will need to provide for your Office 365 administrator in order for the PEAK 15 mailboxes to be configured successfully. 

Basic authentication is a requirement for either option to work. You will want to ensure basic authentication is enabled for EWS, POP, and SMTP services in both the tenant and the individual mailbox.

(If users have MFA please click here as these steps do not apply for those users)

Enabling basic authentication UI (Tenant):

  1. As an O365 admin, sign into the Exchange admin center:
  2. In the left pane, pull down Settings and click Org settings
  3. In the middle pane, select Modern Authentication
  4. In the menu that pops up to the right, ensure that Outlook client (EWS), POP3, and Authenticated SMTP are checked under “allow access to basic authentication protocol”

After your administrator successfully completes the steps above each user will need to login to PEAK 15 and enter their credentials in their mailbox. 

Click here for steps to configure your mailbox in PEAK 15