First and foremost, choose consistent image sizes BEFORE you start uploading lots of images into PEAK 15.If you want your images to have a border or fade or shadow affect you will also want to add thoseto the images before you upload them. Most images will resize reasonably well using one of the following aspect ratios:

  • 3:2 with 300x200, 240x160, 180x120 and 150x100 being a good range of specific sizes for images that will either not occupy the full width of the page, but be placed alongside text or other images
  • 4:3 with 300x225, 240x180, 200x150, 160x120
  • 1:1 with 300x300, 200x200 etc..

If you are planning on having text appear on the same row or line as your images, it will improve the appearance of your itinerary if you determine in advance a range of characters for that text which when taken together with your font and font size choices will result in the text occupying about the same amount of vertical space: