Now that you’ve set up your Cost Categories, you can begin creating costs with Itinerary Details. There are two main ways to create costs:

  • Select the Add Service button in the planner and select from your library of services.
  • Select the New Cost button in the planner and manually enter your information.

Regardless of which method you use, the end result is the same—a new cost is created. You can control whether each cost will be included in any specific version of your itinerary simply by checking or unchecking the boxes on the Itinerary Details tab:

For example, you may have certain costs for things like gifts or tips or leader related expenses that you don’t want on your itinerary. Leaving these blank ensures that they will not display on an Itinerary type.

Conversely, you can also have things that you want to appear on the Itinerary that has no cost or zero cost such as a description of a block of free time in the itinerary. In those cases, simply enter $0.00 as the cost amount:

Managing Start and End Times
One of the most important aspects of your itinerary is the sequencing of items within a day. When creating a Vendor Service or a Cost you have the option of adding a Start Time or an End Time. To help you clearly distinguish between an item that has a very specific start time and an item that has a more generalized start time, we allow you to enter either a specific time (e.g., 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM) or a “time of day”:

The System when determining how to order items in the itinerary uses the start time.

These are the currently supported time of day values and how they are “translated” by the Itinerary System when determining how to order items in the itinerary:

  • Early morning 7:00 AM
  • Morning 9:00 AM
  • Late morning 11:00 AM
  • Midday 12:00 PM
  • Early afternoon 1:00 PM
  • Afternoon 2:00 PM
  • Late afternoon 4:00 PM
  • Early evening 6:00 PM
  • Evening 8:00 PM
  • Late evening 10:00 PM

NOTE: If the start time is blank the system considers that to be the same as 12:01 AM when determining how to order items within a day.

Managing Meals
As you may have noticed from the screenshots of the Cost form, we have designed the Itinerary Details tab so that you can easily capture whether there are meals included in an Accommodation, Transfer or Activity Cost. The screenshot below shows an example of those Meals fields on an Accommodation cost:

When you select a meal to be included in a Cost, the Meals will be included on all days unless the Meal Type is set to Is Breakfast. 

In this case, the meal will not be included on the first day of the Cost or Vendor Service.