One of the key concepts in the Itinerary System is that different types of Services and Costs will have different types of content. For a hotel, for example, you may wish to capture a description of the room. Since each PEAK 15 customer has its own unique set of Cost Categories, we have introduced a new Category Type field on the Cost Category form where you can specify one of five choices:

Note: It is fully expected that you may have more than one cost category that uses the same Category Type and what you name your Cost Category is completely up to you.
Note: The fields available on the Itinerary Details tab on the Vendor Service (first image below) form correspond directly to the fields on the Cost form with one exception. There are no fields on the Vendor Service form that allow you to capture which days each meal is included since that that is specific to the Departure. These are in the Cost form (second image below).


! Important: Before you start using the Itinerary System, you should review your Cost Categories and update the Category Type