The basic underlying concept of the Itinerary System is to make the process of creating an itinerary as simple as possible by integrating it fully into the other areas of PEAK 15 such as Vendor Services, Costing and Vendor Management. 

Rather than creating Itinerary Items that are disconnected from Costing, the two are directly connected.

In addition to creating Itinerary content using the Costs form, you can also use the Vendor Services module to set up a library of services with pre-built content. Note how the Vendor Service form also has an Itinerary Details tab:

Any information you enter on that Itinerary Details tab will be automatically added to the Cost created when you use the Add Service button from the Costs by Day page.
After you have created all your Costs, you are ready to preview your itinerary. To preview the itinerary you need to first select a template for the Departure by going to the Administration tab on the Departure form. There you will find a new section that allows you to pick a different Itinerary Template for each of the different versions of the Itinerary you may have:

Select and Search for one of the Itinerary versions and select from one of the templates that are available in your system. Now you can preview the itinerary by clicking the Itinerary within the menu of the Departure form and selecting which version of the Itinerary you wish to preview based on the templates you applied in the previous step:

NOTE: You must save the departure before clicking on the Preview Itinerary menu so that the system records the template you selected on the previous step.

From the Preview, you can scroll through the Itinerary to review how it will look, go back into your Costs and make changes or go back to your Departure and change the Itinerary Template you selected. Clicking the Refresh button will show all saved changes. Clicking the Export to PDF button will generate a PDF file that you can then save and print or attach to an email. Clicking the Export to Word will generate a Word file that you can edit. All edits made in the PDF or Word Documents are not reflected back to PEAK 15.