Custom data feeds can be created to facilitate the retrieval of datasets that span multiple entities and/or require manipulation of the data that is more efficiently performed within PEAK 15. These feeds are created by stored procedures. In order to retrieve a custom data feed using Beacon, you will be provided with a special token that is mapped to a stored procedure. That stored procedure will be created to return the data in the format you requested which will typically be comma-separated values (csv) or XML:

NOTE: Starting with the 2019 Q2 Release, we recommend using HTTP POST method for all calls.  This allows you to send parameters including the token in the payload of the message which increases security.  

Sample URL for testing in browser using HTTP GET: 

&processexecutetoken=[process token]
&outputFormat=[format (e.g., csv or xml)]

Using HTTP POST (Recommended):

POST /beacon/service.svc/get/[orgname]/complextext/downloadtransactions HTTP/1.1
Host: data.peak15systems.com
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


If your data feed requires parameters, you would also send:


You can also send the following formatting commands to control the column delimiter:

&coldelimiter=[url-encoded char (default is comma)]

Whether to put quotes around the columns:

&quotes=[true/false (default is false)]

Whether to include column headers:

&headings=[true/false (default is false)]

Whether to limit the number or rows returned:

&limit=[# of rows (default is unlimited)]