Custom data feeds can be created to facilitate the retrieval of datasets that span multiple entities and/or require manipulation of the data that is more efficiently performed within PEAK 15. These feeds are created by stored procedures. In order to retrieve a custom data feed using Beacon, you will be provided with a special token that is mapped to a stored procedure. That stored procedure will be created to return the data in the format you requested which will typically be comma-separated values (csv) or XML:

NOTE: We strongly recommend using HTTP POST method for all calls.  This allows you to send parameters including the token in the payload of the message which increases security.  

POST /beacon/service.svc/get/[orgname]/complextext/downloadtransactions HTTP/1.1
Host: data.peak15systems.com
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


If your data feed requires parameters, you would also send:


You can also send the following formatting commands to control the column delimiter:

&coldelimiter=[url-encoded char (default is comma)]

Whether to put quotes around the columns:

&quotes=[true/false (default is false)]

Whether to include column headers:

&headings=[true/false (default is false)]

Whether to limit the number or rows returned:

&limit=[# of rows (default is unlimited)]